Never too late

This is a blog about being late. At the age of 47 I am still in the final stages of my bachelor’s degree. In a few weeks I’ll start writing the thesis, hoping I will complete it just before Christmas. Why on earth would anyone complete a bachelor’s at 47? Well, simply because a bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement before being allowed to a master’s study. In a career in IT that spans 27 years I have studied my ass off, doing all kinds of courses, trainings, obtaining certificates, etc. Never really considered finishing my bachelors’ first, simply because I didn’t need it.  As a software engineer I was just as qualified, talented, motivated and eager to learn as any of my colleagues who had actually finished bachelor’s or master’s degrees. I earned the same salary and wasn’t treated differently. Hence, there was no need to spend time in doing subjects that I had already done before in different programming languages or contexts.

This changed when I started to work as an instructor at a university of applied sciences. All of a sudden, diplomas and certificates became very important (I should have known this, as giving out diplomas is actually their core business). They were so kind as to provide me an opportunity to complete my bachelor’s degree, partly during office hours and partly in my own time. This was great. During the studying my motivation to studying, that had been away for quite some time, came back. So I decided that I would finally give in to that very old dream, which was obtaining a master’s degree.

I am definitely not the oldest student on this planet. The Internet is full of people that decided that a study would enhance their lives. Because they never had had the opportunity to study. Because it took them much longer than average to find out what they actually wanted to do. Because they thought they knew it, but changed plans. Changed opinions. Changed as a human. So many reasons to study. This blog is about my motivations and my experiences. It is entirely dedicated to my bright and beautiful children Max and Julia. I hope it may inspire them and possibly other people to realize it is simply never too late for anything.

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